Eldrich Carr advocating for JPSN
Madison Walker Marburn Academy
computer, tablet, and phone on table
Teacher dressed as a pirate talking to student at desk
students in. mask surrounding a teacher who is talking
writing n wall -"At Marburn Academy, we celebrate students who learn differently.empowering them to awaken. their potential to achieve success in school and life, and to drive positive change in our communities
Peopleomn stage with sign that says thank you behind them
students in class talking to one another
students jumping in classroom
marburn education collaborative
students walking on track
a man and woman sitting in school library talking
confetti falling due to SHINE raising money for scholarships
Students raising their hands in a classroom
Student working on a computer
Child on a laptop
Marburn Magazine front cover
Marburn Academy Photo
Eldrich A. Carr, lll