Eldrich Carr advocating for JPSN

Marburn Academy, in partnership with Hicks Partners, has been working diligently to advocate at the legislative level to create parity between the amount of scholarship funding available to families through the Jon Peterson Special Needs (JPSN) Scholarship and the Autism Scholarship. We are thrilled to share that on July 3rd, Ohio passed a biennium budget with an increase to JPSN Scholarship funding which will go into effect starting this upcoming school year!

Since most Marburn Academy students are identified in Category 2 (SLD and/or OHI), this will mean through the JPSN Scholarship you will now receive $11,632 next year - an increase of $1,255. Other categories were impacted positively as well. 

Next year, there will be an additional increase of $838 for an award of $12,470 for Category 2 recipients, closing the gap further and equating to a total increase of nearly $2,100. Updates will be shared on the Ohio Department of Education website as they become available.

PHOTO: Head of School, Eldrich Carr, advocating for an increase in the JPSN Scholarship before the Ohio Senate Finance Committee on May 31, 2023.