Investing in a Marburn Education

The value of an education for a child who learns differently cannot be overstated. Marburn Academy is committed to providing an educational experience that will help each student succeed in their academic journey. We aim to help students restore confidence, unleash their potential and rediscover the joys of learning.

What does it cost to attend Marburn?



Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship (JPSN)*

ODE funding impacts 95% of Marburn families

AVERAGE Marburn Need-based Financial Aid Range**

Currently impacting 45% of Marburn families


1st–8th grades



$4,000– $11,7504,000–$11,750


9th–12th grades




* JPSN Scholarship awards may vary. See below for more information on scholarships available through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).
** Award amount will vary based on each individual family’s financial circumstance. Average shown is based on the middle 50%, and awards may be less or more than the range outlined.

What does the average family receive in financial aid?

Currently, 45% of our families receive need-based aid from Marburn Academy, and approximately 95% receive funding from ODE.

Every family’s circumstance is different, and without specific data, it is not possible to provide every out-of-pocket cost scenario. Contact the Admission team for more information.

What resources are available to families?