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Professional Training


Orton-Gillingham Accredited

Professional Training at Marburn Adademy

"This training has given me the teaching tools that I have been searching for. Now, I know I can make a difference for struggling readers." ~ 2010 Trainee
Marburn Academy is an Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators accredited school, and has offered a Basic Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training course and Visual Mathematics training since 1996. These courses are designed to meet the training needs of Marburn staff and of other teachers in the community who would like to learn these methodologies. Training generally takes place during the summer months.


Orton-Gillingham Training

Again this summer, we are proud to announce that our training class will be supervised by the founders of The Consortium of Literacy Educators from Needham, Massachusetts (COLE). Central Ohio educators have a rare and unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of this extraordinary level of training!

At Marburn Academy, we enthusiastically support AOGPE’s efforts to establish and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards for practitioners and trainees.


Orton-Gillingham Basic Tutor Training Course, 2014

Course Offers:

This Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training course offers 60 hours of seminars integrated with 60 hours of supervised tutorial practicum. The seminar teaches the structure of the English language, examines the process of reading acquisition, and explains how to overcome the barriers to reading development caused by learning differences such as dyslexia. In the practicum, participants learn to apply techniques within a diagnostic/prescriptive framework while accumulating the supervised tutorial hours required for Orton-Gillingham certification.


Powerful Approach

Orton-Gillingham has been shown to be one of the two most powerful and effective approaches for addressing the reading, writing, and spelling difficulties found in 20% of bright children. It involves the use of direct instruction, multisensory techniques, sequential presentation of skills, and recursive practice, all of which are necessary for children who learn differently to maximize their learning potential.




DATES: Tuesday, June 17 - Thursdayy, July 31, 2014 

TIMES: vary, but predominantly 8:30 am - 3:30 pm  

FEE: $1600.00


For more information, please call Barbara Davidson, Director of Auxiliary Programs, 614-433-0822, ext. 107.


For additional information, please e-mail us.


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