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Extra-Curricular Programs


A wide variety of opportunities

At Marburn Academy we believe that in addition to developing academic skills, we must also offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that provide experiences of success necessary to build personal confidence and self-worth.



drumming circle


In addition to the intrinsic value of music as a creative art, research also indicates that musical instruction stimulates brain development. All Marburn Academy students participate in music classes and performances based on Orff/Kodaly music education principles. Concepts are first learned experientially on Orff instruments; students then learn musical notation and progress to keyboards, vocal music, and sight reading.


In addition, both philosophies actively engage children in physical, visual, and aural activities, allowing them to have a deeper experience and understanding of music.  Out of these “hands on” experiences, the students put a language to song, allowing them to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music, hard work, and performance. 

Drama and dance classes allow students to explore acting as well as the technical side of theater.  Through drama and dance, students work to develop collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills.  Additionally, students use acting and role play to discover how to navigate complex situations.   

All courses are designed to be active and engaging, while at the same time teaching music, drama, and dance concepts and skills.


Studio Arts

Marburn Academy offers art classes which foster creativity and promote skill development, analytical ability, and craftsmanship. Students work in a variety of genre, including painting, drawing, printmaking, weaving, wood working, and ceramics. Projects are often integrated with social studies or enrichment units, and they support development of skills which are critical to success in academic areas.


The visual arts experience at Marburn incorporates studio processes, regular critiques, observing and discussing the works of contemporary and past master artists, and when appropriate, field trips to museums and/or galleries in the central Ohio area.


art class


Physical Education/Athletics

Marburn Academy’s physical education classes give all students the opportunity to improve fitness, practice teamwork, develop skills, and build confidence. Athletic teams and clubs provide opportunities for students to participate in activities such as basketball, volleyball, cross country, golf, soccer, and fitness programs.

boy climbinggirlclimbing


flag football


archery in gym class

Outdoor Adventure

The "Voyageurs" program provides students with a supportive environment for developing confidence and leadership skills by successfully meeting the challenges of outdoor adventure activities. These activities may include day hikes, backpacking trips, high ropes, horseback riding, white water rafting, canoe trips, bike trips, rock climbing, and skiing.


girl on highropes



Marburn’s Voyageurs Program

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” That’s what American Educator Thomas H. Palmer said, and it’s the basic motto of Marburn’s Voyageur Program, if not everything we do here at Marburn.  This concept is an easy one to talk about, but can be difficult in practice. What better way for students to learn this lesson than by EXPERIENCING IT? As a result, Marburn's climbing program, which takes place during Physical Education classes, and the innovative Outdoor Education Program called Voyageurs were designed to offer exactly that kind of experience. These programs are open to all of our students.
Offering challenging activities where students may have to try, try again is the cornerstone of our Voyageur Program.  We strive to offer experiences and challenges that help our students gain independence, find some new interests and talents, and help shape their character.  We have found that such experiences also carryover to the classroom by enriching the learning process.  Sometimes, the learning process can be frustrating; this can happen for any one of us but can occur more often for students who learn differently since they usually experience less success in classroom situations. Students may feel like they are going nowhere, or even backwards. Other times there can be steady, plodding progress.  And yet other times seem to be peak learning experiences, or “AH HA! moments,” when everything just comes together.  Such gigantic learning moments are often very memorable, as they tend to stick with us for a long time.  These learning opportunities are best described as “teachable moments” and through our Voyageur Program we create as many such opportunities as possible.
We use many different kinds of physical challenges to create teachable moments and help the students process through their experience so the lesson is actually learned.  A Voyageur Trip also puts teachers, (and sometimes parents) in a position to experience a teachable moment for themselves, as well.  We’ve had both teachers and parents experience something new right along with the students, which can sometimes turn the students into the experts and effective encouragers.  For example, imagine yourself as a teacher or parent, rappalling off of a 90 foot river gorge in West Virginia…now imagine doing it in front of all of your students who are looking to you for confidence!  This creates a teachable moment for everyone!

Some of the trips we’ve taken in the last few years include:

• An 8-mile bike trip with our Lower Division students
• A 30-mile backpacking trip with Middle Division students
• Skiing/snowboarding
• White Water Rafting
• A 50-mile bike trip with our Middle Division students
• A climbing/ rappalling trip
• Horse back riding
• Canoeing/kayaking
• Meeting a 28 foot snake and other reptiles, up close and personal
• High Ropes Challenges
• Caving and climbing
• Fishing
• Camping
…and many others!



A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes






September 28, 2011
Approximate cost is $40
We will be taking a SCUBA diving class at a nearby indoor pool. They will go over all of the basics for a beginning SCUBA diver. You can check out their organization at: http://www.columbusscuba.com/home.html


February 15-17, 2012
Approximate Cost is $350
This will be an out-of-state trip and students will get to decide where we go. All levels of ski ability are welcome; both skiing and snowboarding will be available.


May 10-11, 2012
Approximate cost is $100
This will be an overnight adventure where the students’ get to decide the main event. They can choose from hiking, climbing, rappelling, zipping, climbing on a high ropes course, canoeing, kayaking, or others.



This year we will continue to have ski club on Wednesday nights from 3pm – 9pm. This was a favorite for students last year and we will continue it again!


high school climbers

Challenge is what makes men (and women). It will be the end when men (and women) stop looking for new challenges.

- Sir Edmund Hillary, Mt. Everest Climber




September 21, 2011
Approximate cost is $35, including lunch.
We will be taking a basic sailing course on The Scioto River with the Leatherlips Yacht Club. Students will all be learning terminology, technical skills, and will get experience on the river.


January 30, 2012 (8:30am – 8pm)
Cost will vary, depending on what the student needs in terms of rental equipment and lessons, etc.
This will be an all day ski/snowboard experience at Mad River Mountain. Students will get to go skiing/boarding during the day and then stay until Ski Club is over at 8:00pm.


May 23-25, 2012
Approximate Cost is $300
We will be going to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to do some rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and more! This will be set up as a “choose your own adventure” trip, where students will get to select their own activities.


This year we will start a Middle Division ski club on Monday nights, from 3pm – 8pm. This is a 6-week program.

caving trip





September 14, 201, 8:30 – 2:30pm
Approximate cost is $20, which includes lunch.
This trip is an 8-mile playground tour of Westerville, and is always a favorite for students, teachers, and parents alike. Students will start at Easton and end up at Heritage Park in Westerville. We will stop frequently at playgrounds along the way and will spend some time at a favorite spot, which is the dirt bike trail! Each student will need his/her own bike and a helmet.


January 25, 2012
Approximate cost is$70, plus the cost of lessons.
Students are invited to ski or snowboard all day at Mad River Mountain. What is better than skiing or snowboarding on a school day when there is barely anyone on the slopes? No experience is necessary and beginners are welcome.


May 8, 2012, 8:00am – 3:00pm
Approximate cost is $30.
The trip features a day outside at summer camp! The students will choose many different activities and experience different outdoor challenges! There will be more details about this trip as this date approaches!


May 17-18, 2012
Approximate cost is $100.
This is a favorite for both teachers and students, and has become an annual trip. We will be helping students start becoming more independent and ready for middle school by going on an overnight camping trip where they will be responsible for setting up their own tents, cooking their own food, and helping each other. We will have a mixture of adventurous challenges and character building activities, and of course, how they help us grow as individuals. It’s a great way to finish off our year!

skiing success
“The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them.”



Recent Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Every year, Marburn Academy students participate in a remarkable amount and variety of after-school programs and experience-based learning activities; in fact, during most school years, 98% of Marburn Academy students participate in one or more of our school activities. In addition, 47.4% of students usually participate in 3 or more different activities!


These kinds of activities provide students with opportunities to explore and develop their affinities in a highly structured and supportive learning-centered environment.  In addition, such programs are essential to providing students with experiences where they earn respect for taking risks, sharing talents, and developing a capacity for accepting and surpassing challenges. 


Below is a list of the kinds of opportunities that have been available to Marburn Academy students each year:

building a trebuchet   chess club


computer club



Recognition Ceremonies

Field Study Trips

Academic Performance Special Events

Community Service Programs


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